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EQuIS EDP is “The EDD Checking Software”

EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) checks a wide variety of Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats and various EDD formats are provided for specific sample types. Checked EDDs are the basis for good EQuIS workflows and EDP is available on mobile, desktop, and cloud EQuIS modules. EDP has been written into multiple large government and industrial environmental data workflows for nearly two decades. EDP is the most widely used EDD-enforcement tool in the world and all major global lab chains have licenses of EDP.

Get Started with EDP

There are multiple free resources available to laboratories using EDP:


For further information on EDD use in the US EPA, please see these EDD Fact Sheets:

Ground Water Forum Fact Sheet: EDDs:  The Importance of Receiving Your Site and Project Data Electronically

Ground Water Forum Fact Sheet: EDDs (Appendix)The Importance of Receiving Your Site and Project Data Electronically


Standard Formats

These include:
ActionLevels.xsd; EFWEDD.xsd; EQEDD.xse; ESBasic.xsd; EZEDD.xsd; Facility.xsd; GeologyEDD.xsd; Historical.xsd; Refvals.xsd; WaterLevels.xsd

More information on standard EQuIS formats

Proprietary Formats

There are also many proprietary EQuIS formats where EarthSoft provides their EDD format definition, documentation, EDP format, and other information. These include:

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