About EarthSoft

Own the workflow, make better decisions.

About EarthSoft

EarthSoft is dedicated to enriching the capabilities of our EQuIS product line and our clients’ experiences managing environmental data.

-Mitch Beard, CEO

Own the workflow, make better decisions!

EarthSoft is the recognized leader in providing environmental data management systems and support worldwide. We provide more than two decades of focused experience on automated workflow solutions for public and private entities in the areas of chemistry, biology, geology, limnology, water, air quality, soil, sediment, waste, and associated compliance monitoring data. EarthSoft is dedicated to enriching the capabilities of our EQuIS product line and our clients’ experience. EarthSoft’s commitment to innovation has cultivated a large and diverse client base of laboratories, consultants, industry, and government agencies. For more than 20 years, EarthSoft has provided minor quarterly and major annual releases of EQuIS.

EarthSoft’s Mission

Provide the world’s best environmental data management software.

Listen to our clients’ input for enhancements and new features.

Stay focused on our core competencies.

EQuIS Users Around The Globe

Sales, Support, and Services – Worldwide

EarthSoft and EarthSoft Canada provide superior sales, services and support for EQuIS software with offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. EarthSoft Corporate Offices:

  • Pensacola, Florida
  • Concord, Massachusetts
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Windsor, Ontario, Canada



All EarthSoft operations are product-centric on our EQuIS software which provides automated workflow solutions to our clients in government, industrial, laboratory and consulting sectors. EQuIS is EarthSoft’s only product line. EarthSoft practices an Open Systems business model, teams for advanced graphics and visualization software, and attracts other software developers of unique environmental decision support and data analysis software.

EQuIS: The Premier Environmental Data Management Solution.  EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management software solution in our industry. EQuIS is used in more than 50 countries and is widely considered to be the de facto industry standard. This is evidenced by a client base including numerous governments, industrials, and consultants worldwide.

Advanced data management and decision support.  EQuIS has undergone continuous innovation since its initial release in 1994. EQuIS is an advanced data management and decision support system for a variety of water, air, geotechnical, and other environmental data. EQuIS is a scalable and configurable system that supports the entire environmental data management workflow, including:

EQuIS Features

  • Project planning
  • Task management
  • Field data collection tools
  • Data logger integration (time series data)
  • Electronic chain of custody (eCOC)
  • Analytical data processing, QA/QC checks
  • Artificial intelligence (alarms and alerts)
  • Reporting toolbox:
    • Hundreds of standard reports
    • Ad hoc queries and query-building tools
  • Visualization tools:
    • Charts, graphs, and maps
    • EnviroInsite – groundwater data visualization software
    • Interfaces to Esri’s ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Rockworks, gINT, LogPlot, Surfer, and more

“EarthSoft is successful due to our passion for excellence and innovation around our EQuIS software. EQuIS is the sum of continued and focused innovation and a significant investment in support resources. We are confident that EQuIS provides increasing value for our clients, our partners, and eventually for EarthSoft.”

Mitch Beard


EarthSoft Case Studies

EQuIS EDGE and Live Implementation

Featuring ddms! An EarthSoft client operating a large environmental remediation site faced challenges with complex sampling and data collection requirements.

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