Hosting & Licensing Options

EQuIS Hosting Options

A Variety of Hosting & Licensing Options

EQuIS Licenses On-Premises

EQuIS can be licensed for on-premises servers hosted privately by our clients. Microsoft SQL Server is required.

EQuIS Online: Cloud hosting or Software-as-a-Service (Microsoft Azure)

EarthSoft operates a global server network and IT infrastructure that has passed multiple security audits with some of the world’s largest industrial companies and government agencies.


EQuIS licenses which are obtained using the on-premises option above can be hosted in the cloud for our clients.

Third party Viewer Licensing Agreements (VLA) are available

EarthSoft offers Viewer Licenses for EQuIS Licensees wanting to expose EQuIS Enterprise to non-licensees, subcontractors, or on public-facing servers.

Microsoft Azure Logo

EarthSoft is a Gold Microsoft Partner and teams with Microsoft for Azure hosting of EQuIS Online and hybrid options.

EarthSoft has been a Microsoft Business Partner since 1997 and manages servers on multiple continents. Learn more about Microsoft Azure at:

Software Maintenance and Benefits

EarthSoft operates an extensive and well-trained support team dedicated to client satisfaction. EarthSoft provides a major version release each year, and usually a minor “dot” release during the year. As part of the Annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), clients are provided with the following benefits:

  • Product technical support by email, phone, or online meetings with EarthSoft’s Customer Support staff
  • Major EQuIS software versions released annually; “Service Packs” may be released quarterly, or as needed
  • Access to a hosted no charge, non-production “sandbox” environment for internal testing and training
  • Escalation procedures and access to EarthSoft Software Technologists and Developers for difficult issues
  • Free Personal Use Licenses for temporary or non-production use for travel, training, testing, etc.
  • Access to EarthSoft Community Center with Online Discussion Forums, Online Documentation, the EQuIS Academy Library, the Data Dictionary, Office hours, EQuIS Academy, and other support information
  • Surrender credit for product upgrades and portfolio exchanges

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