Standard Library

Standard Library

EQuIS Professional Standard Library Features

EQuIS Professional Standard Library provides the core data management functionality and requires Enterprise Bronze level or higher and includes all Professional features:

  • Enter, edit, query, analyze, and visualize data
  • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)
  • Crosstab report writer
  • Hundreds of standard reports
  • System configuration tools:
    ○ Populate reference values
    ○ Set action levels
    ○ Configure Method Analyte Groups
  • Define groups (ex. location, method, analyte, facility)
  • Build and edit reports; publish to Enterprise
  • Complimentary electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats: EQEDD, EFWEDD, ESBasic, EZEDD, EZLithology EDD, ESGeology EDD, EDGE EQEDD

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