Montana DEQ EDP e-TREADS Format

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EDP Version 6.2
32 bit (x86)    |   64 bit (x64)
30.9 MB .zip 2014.06.30
e-TREADS Format (EDP v5.6.x) 350.9 KB
e-TREADS Format (EDP v6.x) 348.2 KB
e-TREADS Blank EDD [pending] KB
e-TREADS Format Description 85.2 KB
e-TREADS Valid Values (RVF) [pending]
e-TREADS Valid Values (XLS) [pending]
MTDEQ e-TREADS Guidance on EDP (pdf) [pending]
NOTE: Detailed instructions can be found in the MT-eTREADS Guidance Manual located at: [pending]

Installing the e-TREADS Format:

  1. If you already have EDP 5.6.x or 6.2 installed, download the corresponding e-TREADS Format.
  2. If you do not already have EDP 5.6.x or 6.2 installed, first download and install EDP and then download the e-TREADS Format (for EDP v6.x).

Registration Instructions:

  1. Open the Format file in EDP.
  2. Click the Register button on the EDP Evaluation Screen.
  3. Copy the Computer ID found in the Workstation Licenses tab of the EarthSoft Software Registration window.
  4. Navigate to the EDP Format for MTDEQ e-TREADS Registration page:
  5. Paste the Computer ID in the space provided, fill out the remaining details, and click submit to complete the registration request. The request will be evaluated and registration code will be provided as appropriate
How to determine if you already have the .NET Framework version 4.0

You can check to see if you already have the .NET Framework 4.0 installed by clicking Start on your Windows desktop, selecting Control Panel, and then double-clicking Add or Remove Programs. When that window appears, scroll through the list of applications. If you see Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 listed, the latest version is already installed and you do not need to install it again.