Enterprise EDP

Automated Workflow Management

The EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP are the world’s most widely used Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) checking tools. EDP and Enterprise EDP provide closed-loop transaction processing of EDDs for high-quality workflow management. EDP is the “traffic cop” for importing data into EQuIS. Bad data means bad decisions, and this rigor makes EQuIS the single source of environmental data truth.

The Enterprise EDP version automates lab and field data verification, validation, and uploads into EQuIS. EDP is available standalone, on EDGE, in EQuIS Professional, and in Enterprise. Enterprise EDP checks all EDDs for formatting and valid values before import into EQuIS. EDDs with errors are rejected and returned to data submitters for correction and re-submission. EDP Standalone generates submittal packages including the checked data files and the user credentials necessary for secure automated EDD uploads and processing.


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