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EQuIS, no one knows it better!

EarthSoft provides EQuIS implementation, configuration, training, and other support services working with our clients. Our talented staff of developers, project managers, technical solutions staff, and trainers are skilled and focused. Support services beyond the EQuIS Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) are available.

EarthSoft tailors implementation services for EQuIS installations and collaborates with our clients and their consultants.  In collaboration with our clients, EarthSoft gathers client workflow information and automates the process by using the tools in EQuIS. EarthSoft has found environmental data management workflows to be very similar in the tasks required but diverse in how they are assigned and completed. EQuIS accommodates this diversity in the data management plan to deliver an automated workflow embedded in the client’s system.

EarthSoft leverages both Agile Scrum and custom Agile variations for implementations, depending on the size, scale, and specific needs of our clients. Client success with EQuIS is our priority.

Please write for further information on EQuIS services or implementations.

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