Decision Support

Decision Support

Environmental Decision Support Modules

EQuIS EnviroInsite, EQuIS Alive, EQuIS LakeWatch and Risk3T are decision support products that can be added to any Professional library with Enterprise Silver product level or higher.

EQuIS EnviroInsite is a toolkit for the analysis and visualization of environmental data. EnviroInsite has multiple capabilities, including creating site maps, analyzing stratigraphy, visualizing environmental data, and preparing report graphics. EnviroInsite connects to an EQuIS database and directly accesses EQuIS data.

EQuIS Alive extends EQuIS to manage survey, ecological, biological, and taxonomy data.  Alive integrates with other EQuIS applications for enhanced biological data analysis. Clients may design and export Alive surveys for use in the field and also view survey results, species density reports, species count exceedances, and species observations.

Fish & Water Quality Dashboard

Salmon Survey Dashboard

EQuIS LakeWatch supports lake and reservoir monitoring activities. LakeWatch manages and analyzes freshwater data, provides trend data over time and report trophic (nutrient) level of the water. LakeWatch produces both Carlsen and Burns-Carlsen trophic report indexes.

Risk3T for EQuIS is an action level calculator. Risk3T evaluates default or site‐specific Risk‐Based Corrective Action (RBCA) levels for environmentally impacted sites, and generates site-specific multiple risk scenarios and corrective action goals. These risk levels can be loaded into EQuIS Action Level tables.

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