World’s Most Widely Used Environmental Data Checker

EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is the most widely used Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) checking and enforcement tool in the world. Most environmental laboratories have EDP and find it a critical tool for organizations that want to automate laboratory and field data processing. EDP is used by laboratories, consultants, industrials, and government organizations worldwide. EDP checks all EDDs for formatting and valid values before import into EQuIS. Problematic EDDs are rejected and flagged for errors, facilitating correction. Automatic notifications are provided to the data submitters.

Automated Environmental Data Workflows

Enterprise EDP ensures automated EDD uploads, checks and verifications, and notices to submitters. EDP Standalone packages data into EDDs for manual or automated upload to an FTP or email server for automated data checking and insertion to the Enterprise EDP EQuIS database. This closed-loop EDD handling processes reduces errors dramatically, improves data quality, and lowers costs significantly over completely manual workflows. Professional EDP allows power users to check EDDs for data quality, correct errors, and then import the data into the EQuIS database.

EDP Data Checking and Loading Modules:
EDP (Standalone)
  • Includes all “standard” EDDs
  • Used by labs and field crews preparing data submissions
  • New/custom EDD formats can be developed at an additional cost
EDP (Distribution License)
  • Unlimited license for distribution of EDP with needed format to labs and field crews
  • EDD should match EDD in EDP Standalone 
  • Formats can be developed at an additional cost
Enterprise EDP
  • Workflow automation processing EDDs via POP3 email, FTP, or Web portal on your server
  • Requires EQuIS Enterprise Server License (SQL Server)
EDD Formats
Create custom EDD formats or contact EarthSoft for additional EDDs Click here to access downloadable EDD Formats.

Standard Formats

  • EFWEDD (EQuIS 4 File)
  • ESBasic
  • EZLithology
  • GeologyEDD
  • ReferenceValues
  • WaterLevels

Standard and Licensed formats are available within EQuIS Enterprise Basic and Professional Data Libraries

Licensed Formats

  • US EPA Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
  • New York DEC
  • US Navy NEDTS
  • US Coast Guard
  • WV DEP
  • Soil/Water EDGE
  • Geotracker

Licensed formats are available within EQuIS Enterprise Premium and Professional Data Libraries

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