EQuIS Professional

Advanced Data Management for Decision Support and Data Analysis

EQuIS Professional is a powerful software application for checking, editing, loading, reporting, and visualizing environmental and sample data. EQuIS Professional provides the administrative capabilities of the EQuIS data management workflows. EQuIS Professional provides advanced tools for environmental scientists and engineers to review analytical chemistry, geology, and other environmental data. EQuIS Professional tools include:

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  • Reference Value management
  • Action Level and regulatory guideline management
  • Import formats and rules – supports GeoTracker, ERPIMS, and others
  • Advanced crosstab report engine
  • Query building tools
  • Esri GIS, Bentley gINT, AutoCAD, and multiple other third-party exports
  • EnviroInsite for advanced data visualization, subsurface graphics and reports
  • User security and Schema access
  • Data qualification, verification, and validation support

EQuIS Professional is written completely in Microsoft VB.NET and SQL Server databases are supported. Professional is available in several library configurations that determine the available file formats, data analysis components, other EQuIS components, and graphic applications and interfaces. The Standard library can be upgraded to add either data components or graphic components or both (combined libraries). In addition, Decision Support modules can be added to any Professional library.



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