Data Library

A Variety of Advanced EDD Formats

EQuIS Professional data libraries provide a variety of advanced Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) formats and applications.

PlusD Library

EQuIS Professional PlusD Library provides EDD formats, interfaces and reports for several common North American and international, state, and federal agencies.

Importing and Exporting with EQuIS

Several EQuIS EDD formats are bundled with EQuIS Schema tables for data management and exports to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Adobe PDF, XML, ESRI SHP, Google Earth KMZ, TXT files, and other common exports.

Government, Statistical, and Other Third Party Interfaces

EQuIS supports a variety of exports including NEDTS/NIRIS, DIGGS, AGS, ERPIMS, GeoTracker, NJ Hazsite, NYSDEC, MT DEQ, Scribe, SEDD, US Coast Guard, CARStat, DUMPStat, SADA, Sanitas, ProUCL, and others.

DMR Reports

EQuIS exports to several US state Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) and NetDMR reports.

PremierD Library

EQuIS Professional PremierD library builds on PlusD, and adds the EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) and Data Qualification Module (DQM).

Combination Libraries

EQuIS Professional combined libraries of PlusDG and PremierDG provide the flexibility and convenience of both data and graphic visualizations in one license.


All available EDD formats, data Interfaces and exports, and interfaces to most third-party visualization applications.


All available EDD formats, data interfaces and exports, SPM, DQM, and all available interfaces to third party visualization applications (including ArcGIS and AutoCAD).


Sample Planning Module (SPM)

SPM improves data collection activities with planning, management and tracking capabilities. SPM plans unique or repetitive events and tasks, compares planned events on a calendar to actual activities and tracks completeness.

SPM Features and Benefits

• Integrate into EQuIS workflows
• Eliminate data entry errors
• Schedule and track tasks on a calendar
• Generate a variety of reports
• Produce Chain of Custodies (COCs) and bottle labels
• Pre-populate EDGE forms to virtually eliminate location and sample identification data entry errors
• Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) module tracks testing related issues reported by laboratories
• Flag incomplete tasks

Sample planning module blank calendar

Data Qualification Module (DQM)

The EQuIS Data Qualification Module (DQM) is an automated data validation tool used to ensure sample data meet established data quality criteria. DQM allows data comparisons to both configured and/or calculated criteria. Data quality checks can be added and modified to meet client requirements and enables project-specific rules, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) limits, and data qualifiers. These checks include holding times, blank contamination, surrogate recoveries, precision, accuracy, reporting limits, and more. DQM is available with EQuIS Professional PremierD and PremierDG Library licenses.

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