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Environmental Data Management Systems & Industry 4.0

As the end of the first quarter of the 21st century approaches, many economic and environmental challenges confront modern industry. Continued adaption to new and emerging technologies is an ongoing reality, which has driven the Industry 4.0 revolution and emergence of smart factories.

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Benefits of Automated Electronic Field Data Collection Workflow

Increasing data volumes are making the efficient collection of field data an integral part of any environmental project. Regulated industrials, consultants, and government agencies are currently digitizing their workflows to reap the benefits of the digital transformation. Consider the following benefits if you are still collecting field data manually with paper forms.

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EQuIS Collect to EnviroInsite

Environmental remediation and compliance monitoring are time sensitive and dependent on quick access to reliable, actionable information. Data visualization is often the most appropriate means of decision support for day-to-day monitoring and site characterization....

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Automated Environmental Reporting

Industrial sites frequently require routine environmental reporting. The reports’ purpose vary and can include environmental regulatory compliance, permit requirements, or assessments of remedial actions. Many of these reports contain results for ground water and/or...

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