EQuIS and Sustainability in Mining

Mining and environmental professionals understand that society demands that mining is conducted in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. Since mining has the potential to cause environmental harm, strict standards and regulations are established by regulatory agencies around the world to minimise these impacts. Mining and environmental professionals have an especially deep appreciation as to why environmental standards and regulations exist, and their responsibility to minimise the effects of mining on the environment.

Graphic 1: EQuIS Enterprise Noise Monitoring

Mining companies routinely collect large volumes of environmental data while monitoring their sites to measure environmental performance and compliance of their licence conditions. This environmental data allows companies to make crucial decisions to ensure minimal impact on the environment. This data also contributes to the better design and management of mine sites, allowing the mining companies to proactively manage and mitigate their environmental risks.

Graphic 2: EQuIS Enterprise Air Quality

Organisations like the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) believe that environmental conservation and mining can co-exist. The ICMM promotes values of a safe, fair, and sustainable mining and metals industry, and supports their members in the delivery of responsibly sourced materials by setting demanding and globally consistent performance requirements (www.icmm.com).

EarthSoft proudly supports several of ICMM’s member companies who use EQuIS™ environmental data management software to manage their environmental data. Through the ICMM’s Sustainable Development Framework, ICMM members have committed to adopt water management policies and practices that are socially equitable and environmentally friendly.

EarthSoft’s mining customers use EQuIS™ to manage, capture, store, and report water quality and quantity data to provide a site-wide view of water resource information and assists with their ongoing water stewardship and responsible water management.

Graphic 3: EQuIS Enterprise Copper Mine Water Quality

EQuIS’ Collect mobile field data collection, Enterprise dashboards, and it’s EnviroInsite visualization and modelling application, in conjunction with EQuIS’ ability to integrate with third party applications such as Esri’s ArcGIS and EVS, provide mine sites with flexible and effective water reporting together with advanced data visualization and analysis.

Mining companies have recognized that data-driven planning, workflow control, and decision making is critical to their sustainability. EarthSoft are helping their mining customers with digitalization, automation, and data-driven initiatives in support of their long term sustainability strategies.

To learn more about how EQuIS can be used to support mining companies, write info@earthsoft.com.

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