EQuIS Data Visualization

EQuIS™ EnviroInsite is environmental and geotechnical data visualization software for hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and engineers that has capabilities to:

  • Create and display site maps using images and/or vector file formats;
  • Visualize two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) environmental data;
  • Generate customized boring logs and strip logs;
  • Analyze stratigraphy in cross-sections and/or complex 2D or 3D geologic models;
  • Evaluate geochemistry;
  • Conduct statistical analyses; and
  • Prepare customized report graphics that can be exported as PDF, CAD, or GIS files.

EnviroInsite connects directly to EQuIS to access data, eliminating the need to transfer or restructure data. Esri’s ArcGIS Online Map service or Microsoft’s Azure Maps service may be accessed to provide basemap images (aerial photos and road map images). EnviroInsite can also serve as a Web Mapping Service (WMS) client, so users can automatically obtain aerial images and other mapped data from many public WMS servers. EnviroInsite easily imports and exports Esri shapefiles, AutoCAD files, and other image file types.

EnviroInsite helps evaluate constituent values with time series charts, radial diagrams, scatter plots and pie charts. The various plot types allow for the selection by constituent(s), sample media, elevation, depth, and date. Aggregate functions can be called to permit calculation and plotting of mean, maximum, minimum, first, or last values. Geochemistry can be analyzed using Piper diagrams, Stiff diagrams, and Schoeller diagrams.

Understand complex spatial and temporal relationships in your environmental data with EQuIS EnviroInsite. Mapped environmental data includes 2D and 3D contours, 3D surfaces, wells, sample locations, posted data, classed post plots, and georeferenced diagrams and charts. Fence diagrams, strip logs, particle tracking, and geologic modeling enable understanding of the hydrogeologic setting.

EnviroInsite’s intuitive user interface makes it the perfect data visualization software for any environmental professional.


Case Studies

Geothermal Potential

Geothermal Potential

Project Details   University of Bologna researchers carried out an investigation of the thermal properties of the coastal aquifer at Ravenna Italy in order to evaluate its geothermal potential for residential heating. As part of that...

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Natural Attenuation

Natural Attenuation

Project Details Researchers at Universitat de Barcelona and University of Waterloo made use of EnviroInsite’s advanced data visualization capabilities to contour hot-spots of TCE contamination and carbon isotopes. The...

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Groundwater Discharge Permit

Groundwater Discharge Permit

Project Details   Western Water Associates was tasked with analyzing groundwater chemistry data, recommending modifications of monitoring networks, and enhancing the capability of client staff to interpret data and...

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3D Rotational Analyte Contours and Borings in EnviroInsite

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