August 31, 2018 — EarthSoft is pleased to release its newest version of EQuIS, Version 7, providing a comprehensive collection of scalable and configurable tools supporting the entire environmental data management workflow. EQuIS 7 includes updated Enterprise, EDGE, Professional, Sample Planning Module (SPM), and Data Qualification Module (DQM) applications. Additionally, EQuIS Collect is an advanced new application for field data collection moving the entire industry forward.

EQuIS 7 represents over 75,000 staff-hours of effort. EarthSoft developers, quality assurance (QA) teams, documentation specialists, and other staff worked tirelessly over the last 18 months. EQuIS 7 is the first EQuIS version to be released as EQuIS Online using the Microsoft Azure platform. EQuIS 7 for on-premises clients is available as of August 28.

Since the initial release of EQuIS in 1994, EQuIS has undergone continuous innovation and is the most widely used environmental data management software solution in the world. EQuIS manages technical or scientific data for air, water, soil, limnology, and other sample types and is used in more than 50 countries. EQuIS is easily scalable from a single user to multi-server, globally deployed, privately-labeled, comprehensive data management via private, public, and hybrid clouds.

EQuIS 7 Enterprise has several significant enhancements, including:

  • Accessible REST API with Swagger documentation
  • New Dashboard framework allowing easier customization
  • Simplified Widget architecture
  • Easier installation process with automatic deployment of Widgets/Dashboards
  • Improved performance with mobile devices
  • New Map Widget design including editable layers
  • User Role Licensing
  • EQuIS Information Agents now associated with a report
  • Preview of new Scatter Plot Widget
  • Preview of new Module Manager Widget
  • Redesigned Workflow Widget with expanded editor functionality
  • EarthSoft assemblies now strongly named for improved system security tests

EQuIS Collect features include:

  • Collect any data, even non-EQuIS data
  • Device agnostic (phone, tablet, PC)
  • Supports all major operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Subscription licensing
  • Use any EQuIS EDD formats integrating with EQuIS workflows
  • EQuIS Enterprise Form Builder with EDP checks and validation
  • Deploy Collect forms instantly to end users in the field
  • View Forms’ status and reports in real-time on EQuIS Collect and Enterprise

EQuIS 7 DQM features include:

  • Greater configuration of Control Limits
  • QAPPs granular to analytic method and/or analyte level
  • Many New/Improved Checks

Mitch Beard, EarthSoft CEO, commented “This EQuIS 7 release is the result of an amazing team effort from multiple EarthSoft departments. EQuIS 7 and Collect have been extremely well tested and are indicative of our plan for more frequent and agile product releases, with faster innovation around EQuIS workflows on Azure. I would like to commend our development, quality assurance, documentation, and support teams. Furthermore, I predict that within only a few months, EQuIS Collect will be one of the highest volume data collection tools in the environmental industry. Our first orders are reserved for blocks of 25 units or more, to ensure great support for our first clients, but we’ll soon lower that threshold for all our clients.”

For more information on EQuIS Collect, please visit: EQuIS Collect

About EarthSoft: EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the world’s most widely used environmental data management software. Please write, or visit, for further information.