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Gain the skills and techniques for owning the workflow and making decisions using EarthSoft’s EQuIS. EarthSoft has trained thousands of clients world-wide and offers multiple EQuIS Training options, both in-person or online.

We will work with you to plan a training best suited for your requirements. For information, download the EarthSoft Training Fact Sheet. 

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Open Trainings

No upcoming Open Trainings scheduled at this time

  • Agenda, dates, locations and datasets determined by EarthSoft
  • Fee per client includes:
    • Two hours of online “Pre-Training”
    • Three days of in-person instruction
    • Two hours of online follow-up

Advanced User Workshops

No upcoming Advanced User Workshops scheduled at this time

  • Interactive, three day Workshop lead by members of EarthSoft’s Development team, pertaining to the advanced use and customization of EQuIS
  • Content determined primarily by clients
  • Dates and locations provided by EarthSoft

On-site Trainings

April 28 - 30, 2020 | SynTerra Corporation, Greenville, SC

  • Agenda, dates, duration are determined by clients
  • Classroom and workstations are provided by customer
  • Trainings may include client datasets
  • Fee per on-site day, each day includes:
    • One hour of online “Pre-Training” with an EarthSoft Trainer
    • Eight hours of in-person instruction for up to ten students
    • One hour of online follow-up with an EarthSoft Trainer

Online Trainings

No upcoming Online Trainings scheduled at this time

  • Agenda, dates, duration are determined by client
  • Trainings may include client datasets
  • $250 USD per hour for up to ten attendees
  • Sessions up to four hours in length per day

EQuIS Academy On-Demand

No upcoming EQuIS Academy courses scheduled at this time.
Click here to download the Catalog of EQuIS Academy recordings available on EarthSoft Community Center.

Pre-Recorded Trainings

  • EQuIS Academy recordings for view or download
  • FREE to EQuIS clients with current SMA and EULA
  • See the EarthSoft Community Center for a full list of EQuIS Academy recordings
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