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Gain the skills and techniques for owning the workflow and making decisions using EarthSoft’s EQuIS. EarthSoft has trained thousands of clients world-wide and offers multiple EQuIS Training options, both in-person or online.

We will work with you to plan a training best suited for your requirements. For information, download the EarthSoft Training Fact Sheet. 

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Open Trainings

June 05 - 07, 2018 | (EQuIS) London, England
Announcement | Registration

June 08, 2018 | (EnviroInsite) London, England
Announcement | Registration

June 19 - 21, 2018 | (EQuIS) Seattle, Washington

June 22, 2018 | (EnviroInsite) Seattle, Washington

  • Agenda, dates, locations and datasets determined by EarthSoft
  • Fee per client includes:
    • Two hours of online “Pre-Training”
    • Three days of in-person instruction
    • Two hours of online follow-up

Advanced User Workshops

No upcoming Advanced User Workshops scheduled at this time

  • Interactive, three day Workshop lead by members of EarthSoft’s Development team, pertaining to the advanced use and customization of EQuIS
  • Content determined primarily by clients
  • Dates and locations provided by EarthSoft

On-site Trainings

No upcoming Onsite trainings scheduled at this time

  • Agenda, dates, duration are determined by clients
  • Classroom and workstations are provided by customer
  • Trainings may include client datasets
  • Fee per on-site day, each day includes:
    • One hour of online “Pre-Training” with an EarthSoft Trainer
    • Eight hours of in-person instruction for up to ten students
    • One hour of online follow-up with an EarthSoft Trainer

Online Trainings

April 26 - May 1, 2018 | SC Air Quality Management District

  • Agenda, dates, duration are determined by client
  • Trainings may include client datasets
  • $180 USD per hour for up to ten clients
  • Sessions up to four hours in length per day

EQuIS Academy

To view a course description click the course name.

  EQuIS Academy Course Catalog

EnviroInsite - 3D Visualization
Entry Level April 25, 2018   (1 hour)

  • Courses one to two hours in duration, taught via GoToTraining
  • Agenda, dates determined by EarthSoft
  • Datasets provided by EarthSoft
  • Requires current SMA and EULA
  • $100 USD per person per course

EQuIS Academy on Demand

No upcoming EQuIS Academy courses scheduled at this time.
Click here to download the Catalog of EQuIS Academy recordings available on EarthSoft Community Center.

Pre-Recorded Trainings

  • EQuIS Academy recordings for view or download
  • FREE to EQuIS clients with current SMA and EULA
  • See the EarthSoft Community Center for a full list of EQuIS Academy recordings

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