EQuIS Collect


EQuIS Collect

EQuIS™ Collect is an exciting new application for field data collection. EQuIS Collect allows users to collect any data easily in the field on phones, tablets, or PCs with a simple, user-friendly app that works on and offline.

Here are some EQuIS Collect features:

  • Collect any data
  • Device agnostic (phone, tablet, PC)
  • Supports all major operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Subscription licensing
  • Use any EQuIS EDD formats integrating with EQuIS workflows
  • EQuIS Enterprise Form Builder with EDP checks and validation
  • Deploy Collect forms instantly to end users in the field
  • View Forms’ status and reports in real-time on EQuIS Collect and Enterprise

EQuIS Collect in 3 Minutes

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