Preferred Laboratory Program

The EarthSoft Preferred Laboratory Program offers a framework for analytical data workflows to improve data-driven decision making, environmental data digitization efforts, and lab and field data governance initiatives using EQuIS™ software products. The Program aims to standardize data governance workflows and processes while establishing protocols and documented best practices for managing data submissions, performing data verification, defining new users, new analytes, new methods, new locations, and other standard workflow items. Standardized EQuIS workflows improve data quality, with multiple labs and consultants reaching agreement on data formats ahead of time and then carefully managing exceptions as they occur.

End-User Benefits

For EQuIS users working with EarthSoft laboratory partners, complex data workflows are streamlined, quality is improved, efficiencies achieved, and data are more easily understood.

  • Increase and improve predictability standards
  • Increase repeatable outcomes
  • Improve data-driven decision making
  • Improve process efficiencies to streamline workflows
  • Demonstrate market leadership
  • Reduce variability and number of different EDD formats
  • Comply with regulatory and client specific data requirements
  • Realize financial savings resulting from standardized workflows

Laboratory Benefits

Benefits to laboratories participating in EarthSoft’s Preferred Laboratories program include:

  • Improve automation of data management workflows
  • Simplify workflow processes to setup, gather, store, and retrieve environmental information
  • Organize and bring value to existing data
  • Decrease project costs (improve automation) to deliver EDDs
  • Store and retrieve information in a collaborative and efficient manner
  • Stakeholder data governance discussions with major industrial and government participants
  • Use new software technology to enhance product and service offerings

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Preferred Laboratory Program Fact Sheet

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