EQuIS Data Connector for Power BI

Visually explore your EQuIS data using Microsoft Power BI Desktop with our data connector. Directly and easily access EQuIS data quickly and securely in Power BI via the EQuIS Enterprise REST API. View analytics in advanced ways in real-time. Share EQuIS information across organizations easily and efficiently with Power BI collaboration tools.

The EQuIS Data Connector for Power BI is part of our REST API licensing. Users assigned the REST API role can access an EQuIS Enterprise site in Power BI Desktop via their EQuIS username and password, an API token, or an Azure Active Directory account. API Tokens are generated in the User Profile Editor in EQuIS Enterprise.


EQuIS and Microsoft deliver a powerful, secure environmental data management platform. Supported EQuIS data sources include:

  • EQuIS Facilities (must have user permissions)
  • Locations for an EQuIS Facility
  • EQuIS Reports available in the database

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