Are you an Esri ArcGIS Pro user? Unleash the power of EQuIS data with our ArcEQuIS add-in. Connect directly to an EQuIS Enterprise site (database) in ArcGIS Pro Desktop to easily view and analyze your environmental and geotechnical data.

ArcEQuIS is part of our REST API licensing. Users assigned the REST API role can access an EQuIS Enterprise site in ArcGIS Pro Desktop via their EQuIS username and password, an API token, or Single Sign On (SSO) authentication provided the Esri-authenticated user is also an EQuIS user. API Tokens are generated in the User Profile Editor in EQuIS Enterprise.

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  • Add map layers as direct EQuIS database links or as a snapshot from the database (i.e., a set of data at a given point in time). Supported layers include:
    • EQuIS Facilities to which the user has permissions.
    • Locations and Location Groups for a given EQuIS Facility. Locations can be either points or polygons.
    • Mappable EQuIS Reports associated with the selected facilities.
  • Click locations on a map layer to dynamically generate EQuIS EnviroInsite (EI) graphics, such as boring logs, cross-sections, Piper diagrams, and Stiff diagrams. Graphics are automatically downloaded as PDF files. EnviroInsite license not required.
  • Create point and polygon features in ArcGIS Pro that are saved to the EQuIS database.
  • Display tables of analytical data from an EQuIS database on map layers in ArcGIS Pro. The data tables can be generated using either EQuIS Crosstab Reports or EQuIS EnviroInsite. The EI data tables are added as a series of shapefiles. EnviroInsite license not required.

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