Cetrel Implements EQuIS Collect

Brazilian company Cetrel employs EQuIS™ software for their environmental monitoring. Cetrel believes that the partnership with EarthSoft will ensure the perpetuity of its digital business line, focused on innovation and technology. In 2020, Cetrel began transitioning from the EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) to EQuIS Collect to support field data collection and quick decision-making. Cetrel currently has approximately 10 EQuIS Collect templates to obtain physical-chemical data, water levels, lithologic and well information, and remediation system data that can be pre-populated with information from scheduled sampling plans. Data Chains of Custody are also generated from EQuIS Collect. The use of EQuIS Collect on intrinsically safe tablets highlights improvements for the field teams, bringing new technologies to the day-to-day operation.

“The technology migration process, in conjunction with strengthening the culture change of our members to the Industry 4.0 scenario, contributed to a significant reduction in data loading time and optimizing the quality of digital workflows.”
– Calvin Iost, Leader of the Digital Center & Innovation area

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