EarthSoft Announces EQuIS 7.21.1 Build

February 15, 2021  ̶  EarthSoft released today the new quarterly build of our EQuIS 7 software suite, featuring significant performance improvements and updates to the EQuIS Schema, formats, widgets, and reports. We continue to enhance the data interoperability of EQuIS with other software, especially with Esri ArcGIS, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Office 365. Many of our development efforts are driven by client recommendations and requests from around the world. Hundreds of development cases were addressed in this build. EQuIS users may be particularly interested in the following new features and enhancements to the various EQuIS applications:


  • Select and filter locations for use with EQuIS Reports or generating EnviroInsite Graphics.
  • Addressed consistency with formatting of Table Labels.

EQuIS Collect

  • View all Data Mappings in the Template Designer on the Collect Enterprise dashboard.
  • Improved error messages for validation and in the Formula Builder.
  • Numerous user interface and performance improvements for Collect Mobile and Collect Enterprise.
  • Updated Collect Field EDD, eCOC, COC and Form Generator reports.

EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE)

  • Improvements to the Probes Manager.
  • Improved quality of printing forms.
  • Updated EDGE Field EDD

EQuIS Data Qualification Module

  • Numerous improvements related to various DQM check options.
  • New checks for Preservation Type, Batch Completeness, and Dilution Factor.
  • Created new user interface in the Start Event Form to allow for manual association of field-collected blanks to “normal” samples.

 EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)

  • Blank EDD generation tool treats all columns, except for datetime values, as Text values in Microsoft Excel.
  • Improved EDP lookup performance.

EQuIS Enterprise

  • Share EQuIS reports with non-EQuIS users in Esri ArcGIS Online and Microsoft Power BI.
  • Enhancements to Data Grid, License Manager, and Map Widgets.
  • OAuth authentication for Microsoft Office 365 email functionality.
  • Changed automatic caching of formats in Enterprise to be a configurable setting (“isCacheable“).

 EQuIS EnviroInsite

  • Improved Spider Diagram report.
  • Provided 12 example boring log templates.
  • Enhanced boring log template Header.

EQuIS Link

  • New Merge Template functionality.

EQuIS Live

  • New Live File Processor widget.
  • New Live File Processor report.
  • Improved performance of Live File Processor Agent.
  • Improved performance and run time for Live Data Computation Agent/Report.
  • Enhancements to the Live Historical Chart Widget, Live Chart Widget, and Live Table widgets.

EQuIS Professional

  • Login screen and icon updates.
  • Include LakeWatch Module with EQuIS Professional installer (LakeWatch reports, formats, and Schema files).
  • Updated Config file for expanded Microsoft.SqlServer.Types version compatibility.
  • Added column configuration options to Action Level Exceedance II
  • Modified remap functionality so that changes are applied only to an open report, not all open tables.
  • Various Schema updates.

EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM)

  • Updated SPM Format to check facility when exporting SPM plans in EDP.
  • Updated SPM Bottle Request and SPM Planned Task Details

 The EQuIS 7.21.1 Build files are available in the “Products” folder on the Downloads Dashboard of the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC) at

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