EarthSoft’s COVID-19 Response


EarthSoft is committed to helping our clients in this time of ongoing crisis and we continue to operate virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic as we have throughout our 25-year history. EarthSoft has the infrastructure and security in place, with our Azure-based IT, to operate optimally in 2021. We will continue to provide all our products and services online.

EarthSoft is taking additional precautions over the next few weeks for all aspects of our physical and mental health. Even as a virtual company, we have made some temporary adjustments for increased flexibility, since many of us now have family at home. Our EQuIS 7 development schedule is, so far, not interrupted. We will continue to hold online Trainings, Office Hours, User Groups, and anything needed in support of all things EQuIS.

We will provide regular updates on any issues that affect EarthSoft’s ability to support you and continue our rapid innovation around EQuIS, as we overcome this health emergency together.

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