…Waiora Real-Time Visualization and Statistics & EQuIS Environmental Data Management Workflow…

Concord, Massachusetts and Santa Barbara, California – February 6 , 2012 – EarthSoft, Inc. CEO Mitch Beard and Groundswell Technologies, Inc. CEO Dr. Mark Kram announced today that will integrate EarthSoft’s EQuIS environmental workflow data management platform with Groundswell’s Waiora web based monitoring and visualization platform. This new integration enables EQuIS users to generate advanced environmental and water resource management graphics, such as real time contours and groundwater storage change in 2D/3D/4D, playback loops, and multivariate analyses through a web browser, where results can be vetted among key stakeholders and collaborative parties. Both laboratory results and sensor readings are merged in the EQuIS databases. Waiora users will have additional ability understand changes, document trends, and integrate controllers for automated response for any time step, any parameter.

Integration of Waiora with EarthSoft’s EQuIS greatly expands industry capabilities for on-demand processing and visualization of environmental data with secure accounts over the web. This new innovation will bring significant value to customers looking to convert streamlined environmental data into actionable information for better data analysis and decision support.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard has expressed enthusiastic support for this effort, stating, “Groundswell has developed some of the best web graphics I’ve seen and since Waiora is intuitive and user-friendly, it will allow technical and non-technical practitioners to more effectively collaborate and make better decisions from EQuIS data.”

Groundswell CEO Dr. Mark Kram stated, “We are very excited about the possibilities represented by this collaboration, as EarthSoft has created the premier data management system for efficiently managing and qualifying essential data streams. EarthSoft has a proven track record as an industry leader. Since Waiora is data hungry, EarthSoft clients can squeeze even more value out of their data by efficiently creating intuitive graphics and analyses in a turnkey manner for all stakeholders.”

EarthSoft’s award-winning EQuIS software is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world. Over 800 consultants, industrials, and public agencies use EQuIS software, either licensed or cloud-based.

Groundswell‘s patented technology is the leading-edge cloud-based geospatial platform for automated visualization of sensor and lab data. Groundswell was recently featured in Forbes Magazine: Environmental Security: Sensing the World in 4-D.

For further information about EQuIS, please visit www.earthsoft.com or email info@earthsoft.com.

For further information about Waiora, please visit www.groundswelltech.com or email sales@groundswelltech.com.

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