EQuIS for ArcGIS & ArcGIS Server Supports ArcGIS 10

EarthSoft announced today support for ArcGIS 10 for the EQuIS for ArcGIS extension for ESRI’s ArcMap and ArcScene 3D Analyst applications and ArcGIS Server. In addition to supporting all of the existing EQuIS for ArcGIS features on the ArcGIS 10 platform, the next release of EQuIS (v5.5) will support these new ArcGIS 10-specific features:

ArcGIS 10 Time-Aware Layers

  • The EQuIS EZView LayerBuilder creates time-aware layers – using the new ArcGIS 10 time slider control for creating temporal animations

ArcGIS 10 BaseMap and Templates

  • Support for the new ArcGIS 10 locations for styles and map templates
  • The Springfield tutorial site now includes ArcGIS 10 map template documents using the new basemap layers concept

ArcGIS 10 Metadata

  • In addition to writing FGDC metadata for ArcGIS 9.3 users, EarthSoft supports the new ArcGIS 10 metadata description and updated the custom ‘Metadata’ layer properties tab using the new ArcGIS 10 styles

ArcGIS 10 User Interface

  • 3D Preview Window for visualizing and interacting with a 3D scene of your layers in ArcMap
  • Automatic setup of the Default Geodatabase when new EQuIS layers are added to documents

ArcGIS 10 Query Layers

  • EQuIS EZView now supports creating ArcGIS 10 Query Layers – this creates ArcGIS layers with a live connection to EQuIS databases without any of the limitations with previous versions of ArcGIS

EQuIS for ArcGIS Server integrates the latest and most powerful ArcGIS Server web GIS tools with the EQuIS Enterprise EZView, making it easy to share mapping services and applications across the web. Web map viewers can build queries and generate graphs, charts, tables, crosstabs, statistics, graphics and other EZView exports, with intuitive web mapping and services tailored to the specific audience.

Combined with EarthSoft’s sophisticated EQuIS for ArcGIS module, these two EarthSoft modules extend ESRI’s product line with decision support and data analysis schemas and applications focused on groundwater, limnology, hydrology, geotechnical and other environmental and sample data management markets. EQuIS database schemas and EZView Pick Lists are available to the ESRI GIS users for vapor air, landfill gas, discharge water and other very specific sample types and markets tied to environmental and geotechnical samples.

EQuIS for ArcGIS Server demonstration videos are available at EarthSoft’s Community Center and their YouTube channel – http://community.earthsoft.com/ and www.youtube.com/earthsoft.

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