EarthSoft announced today the release of their new EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) software – for data collection and field data management. EDGE is a comprehensive collection of integrated environmental field tools ensuring accurate and complete data collection using modern software and mobile computing technologies. Software highlights include:

  • COC / eCOC Generator
  • Field EDP Interface
  • Completeness Checker
  • EDD Generator
  • Sensor / Datalogger Manager
  • GPS Support
  • Electronic Sketchpad
  • Integration with EarthSoft’s Sample Planning Module (SPM)
  • And much more…

Using EarthSoft’s COC Manager, environmental field crews can easily generate, print and email eCOCs (Chains of Custody) or Excel COCs – directly from the field. EDGE currently supports the Promium eCOC format – with more electronic COCs under development. Furthermore, EarthSoft’s EDGE Excel COC source code templates are available so you can build custom formats to meet your business needs.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is the most widely used software in the world for checking electronic data deliverables (EDDs). EDGE includes a field version of EDP, allowing users to easily check for accuracy and completeness as data indices are collected. According to EarthSoft, many clients have provided findings that indicate up to 70% of data errors originate with problems during field data collection. With this in mind, field EDD errors (formatting and valid values) are highlighted and flagged in real time, at the point of data entry.

EDGE imports data into EQuIS from field sensors and data loggers. Imported data are checked with EDP and merged with other field data. EDGE currently supports select data loggers from QED and Campbell Scientific, with more options on the horizon.

EDGE supports GPS receivers outputting NMEA data to a USB, RS232 or Bluetooth COM ports. EDGE features automatic detection of connected GPS devices and a user-friendly interface showing device status and current position.

Using the Sketch Tool, users can draw and mark aerial photos, site plans or custom templates. Transfer images to EQuIS with Field EDDs, using the EDP Sign and Submit feature – which provides a secure data submittal to EQuIS EDP.

Over the past several months, EDGE has been meticulously tested by several large clients and was successfully implemented and deployed in a major chemical company. Additionally, Dave Van Vliet, principal at AquaResource said, “EDGE and SPM will change how consultants conduct their field activities.”

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management system in the world. EQuIS is used by many government agencies, industrial property owners, over 300 consultants and over 450 analytical labs around the world.

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