…Real Time Data Submissions to EQuIS Clouds…

EarthSoft today announced a collaborative development and marketing agreement with QED Environmental Systems (QED). This work will automate logging and loading of well level and flow monitoring data from Retriever products directly to EQuIS 5. QED will support the EQuIS EDDs using QED wireless data collection solutions.

EarthSoft and QED see significant added benefit to both client bases with the integration of real-time, wireless data collection into EQuIS. These benefits include increased reliability, accuracy, and timeliness for this data.

Both firms have large globally installed bases and will market the integration to their existing clients and to new monitoring program opportunities. The firms will continue this collaboration, and will innovate rapidly on new environmental data collection and management technologies. Both QED and EarthSoft are seeking case studies and reference sites to implement pilots demonstrating the combined workflow automation.

EarthSoft and QED can already demonstrate real-time Retriever links. The Retriever data collector is solar-powered and uses wireless communications. The built in microcomputer takes data readings from the flow and level sensors, and sends the data at preset intervals to EarthSoft’s EDP Enterprise, where specific errors, outliers or corrupted data are instantly flagged. EDP Enterprise can then perform the required calculations and generate triggers and alerts if incoming data exceeds predefined ranges. EarthSoft’s EZView visualizes live and stored data over the web. The data can also be displayed over web-based GIS and mapping interfaces.

Mitch Beard, CEO of EarthSoft said “The world will collect more data in the next five years than in our entire history, and EarthSoft is pleased to work with QED integrating our data collection workflows. The amount of data from these automated and real time networks require a powerful but flexible workflow capability like EQuIS and QED provide. Some of these data streams are not conducive to direct submissions to relational databases, so some pre-processing may be desired. This is a huge amount of data.”

QED Environmental Systems (a Test America company) is recognized as a world leader in air-powered pumping systems for sampling and liquid extraction at landfills, groundwater remediation sites, refineries, landfills, mines and industrial sites. QED’s product lineup includes the most complete line of air-powered groundwater sampling bladder pumps, groundwater remediation pumps, landfill leachate and methane condensate extraction pneumatic pumps, low profile air-strippers, and wireless remote data acquisition systems.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used landfill and environmental data management system in the world.

For more information please visit www.qedenv.com, write info@earthsoft.com, or visit www.earthsoft.com.

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