EQuIS Professional

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EQuIS Professional is a powerful system letting you check, edit and load data and report, graph, and export data to many industry-standard visualization and analysis applications. Over 350 consulting firms use EQuIS Professional on tens of thousands of projects worldwide. Written completely in Microsoft VB.NET, No-Touch Deployment provides all of the functionality of a user-rich Windows application with the ease of use of a web application.
EQuIS Professional runs against either SQL Server or Oracle databases. (EQuIS Professional and Enterprise run against the same databases.)

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EQuIS Professional
    EQuIS Professional includes:

  • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)
  • Data Querying
  • Data Entry/Edit Screens
  • Data Analysis (Graphs, Exports & Reports)

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Professional, an expert system for the advanced user, for decision support and data analysis consists of a series of .NET applications for the ‘Power User’ environmental, geotechnical, or limnological data manager. Typically these are consultants or EQuIS-trained specialists.
Decision Support is enhanced with links to analysis and visualization tools. Pro users design, build and publish queries and reports, graphs, graphics and 3rd party exports (HoleBASE, Surfer, GMS, EnviroInsite, gINT, Rockworks, EVS, Visual Modflow, and Excel, among many others). EQuIS for ArcGIS is a Pro module for GIS power users. Sample Planning Module (SPM) assists with future sampling activities. EQuIS Pro provides far more power than available from simpler hosted web systems.

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