US EPA Region 5 EDP Format

EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) developed for EPA Region 5.
Name Size
EDP Version 6.5
32 bit (x86)    |   64 bit (x64)
35.5 MB .zip April 6, 2016
EPA Region 5 Format File (EQuIS 6.x) 662 KB
October 2, 2014
EPA Region 5 Format File (EQuIS 5.6.1)
(EPA Region 5 format for 5.6.1 must be run in 32bit mode.)
482 KB
October 2, 2014
.NET Framework 4.0 Required


EPA Region 5 guidance page:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and install the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). Note: If you already have installed a current version of EDP, you can just download the ‘EPA Region 5 Format File.
  2. Once EDP has been installed, download the ‘EPA Region 5 Format File’ and double-click the self-extracting .exe file. Extract the files to the EPA R5 EQuIS Format directory (by default, located at C:\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EPAR5). If this directory does not exist, you may have to create it.
  3. Registration Instructions:

    1. Open the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) application.
    2. Open the Format file in EDP.
    3. Click the Register button on the EDP Evaluation Screen.
    4. Select the link below the ‘New Key Codes’ box to request a registration key for your workstation.

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