Geotechnical Module

All your EQuIS and geotechnical data in a single Enterprise system

Geotechnical Module solves challenges experienced by many geotechnical data professionals who tell us they want a single EQuIS Enterprise system that includes both environmental and geotechnical data.

With the Geotechnical Module, EQuIS users can import multiple geotechnical data sources into a single SQL Server EQuIS database. EQuIS Enterprise on Azure offers greater scalability, security, standardization, and workflow automation compared to multiple disconnected local databases. EQuIS interfaces with gINT to run reports and graphics natively and leverages prior gINT investments.

EQuIS Workflows for Geotechnical Data

NEW Data – Geotechnical data can be collected in the field with the EQuIS Collect software and mapped to the EQuIS Geotechnical Module Schema. EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) will process and verify the data against custom business rules, minimizing errors and omissions.

EXISTING Data – Geotechnical data are easily converted from current forms into EQuIS formats and migrated to EQuIS via EQuIS Link (a powerful data transformation tool) where they are combined with other related environmental data.

CREATE boring logs, cross-sections, and other geotechnical reports for real time decision support and data analysis.


  • Easily import geotechnical data into EQuIS databases via EQuIS Link, a powerful new data transformation tool.
  • Combine multiple desktop geotechnical and environmental data sources into a single EQuIS database.
  • Create and view boring logs and other geotechnical graphics from ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Pro, EQuIS EnviroInsite, and EQuIS Enterprise.
  • Merge multiple gINT desktop databases into a single EQuIS database, preserving quality of data and investments in libraries of gINT reports and graphics.

Key Components

  • Geotechnical Schema
  • Geotechnical Format
  • EQuIS Link
  • Geotechnical reports
  • EQuIS Collect boring Log Form Template
  • Tutorial files
  • EQuIS gINT API for server connectivity



EQuIS Link

Powerful Data Migration Tool

  • Easily migrate data into standard EQuIS electronic data deliverables (EDDs)
  • Efficiently process geotechnical files with different data sources into EQuIS
  • Statistical tools for data and source data files
  • Combine geotechnical and environmental data


EQuIS Collect and Geotechnical Data

Mobile Field Data Collection

EQuIS Collect is a mobile field application for staff collecting environmental and geotechnical data with smart phones, tablets, or computers. EQuIS Collect works with the Geotechnical Module for a complete geotechnical workflow allowing EQuIS clients to view logs in the field and the office as data are collected. The Collect Boring Log Form Template is based on a gINT standard US data template, can be customized to meet specific needs, and provides for easy digital collection of geotechnical data in the field.

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