“Surprising Recovery of Red Spruce Shows Value of Clean Air Act”

University of Vermont


EarthSoft is hiring Software Technologists!



Seattle EQuIS Taster!

Food and EQuIS Mousepads!

Limited to 30 participants

No registration fees


Explore New EQuIS Features

Upcoming EQuIS Trainings & Workshops

June 21 9-11pm PT



Delaware DNREC renewed EQuIS Software Maintenance Agreement.

The continued support of EQuIS is appreciated!


St. Paul EQuIS Taster hosted by ddms!

Meet EQuIS End Users & Staff!

July 19 7-9pm PT



EQuIS Collect in 3 Minutes!

Learn about the main features that make field data collection simple, fast, and efficient in 2018.




EQuIS DQM in Less Than 3 Minutes!

See how to qualify and validate data against rules-driven quality checks.




EarthSoft announces new Action Levels for multiple Australian federal regulations for the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria.



TRC is a new Business Partner.

Welcome TRC!

Thanks, Chris!


Seven Office Hours on EQuIS 7

EQuIS Sample Planning Module (5/7)

June 14



“A new study led by the University of Washington shows that forest loss in one part of the US can harm trees on the opposite coast.”

See the research: @uwnews


There are only a few seats left for the Seattle EQuIS Open Training – June 2018!

Seattle EQuIS Open Training: June 19-21

8:30am – 5pm PT


$2,400 USD per person


Dan Alexander & Jannik in Frankfurt, Germany June 20-22.

Please contact to set up a meeting discuss EQuIS



Seven Office Hours about EQuIS 7!

May 17 – What’s New in EnviroInsite

May 24 – What’s New in Enterprise

May 31 – What’s New in EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE)

June 7 – What’s New in EQuIS Live

June 14 – What’s New in Sample Planning Module (SPM)

June 21 – What’s New in EQuIS DQM & Professional

June 28 – What’s New in EQuIS Collect



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