:55 Development Focus (1:00)

1:47 Bug Fixes (1:40)

3:26 User Interface (10:06)

13:32 Loggers (2:10)

15:43 Additional New Features (2:23)

18:06 Questions and Answers (5 Questions)

18:06 Q1: What method is used for bar code reading? Is it just an onboard bar code reader, or can we use a camera?

19:00 Q2: Will you have a list of the related forms that information can/will be shared across?

19:27 Q3: Can you explain new radio button feature – as related to enumerations?

27:21 Q4: How soon will it be before Collect will work with SPM?

28:13 Q5: Is there a plan for loggers into Collect? Windows only platforms are limiting for field use

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