EarthSoft Currents Week 16 2018 Video Newsletter


EQuIS Enterprise Live
Product Advisory Forum
May 18, 12pm ET
Register: http://goo.gl/pX64vw

EarthSoft is attending the
European Environmental Ports Conference in Antwerp, 16-17 May!
Contact sales@earthsoft.com to schedule an EQuIS discussion during the conference. Info: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/environmental-ports-conference/

EarthSoft Canada VP Alek Hage will lecture on Environmental Data Mgmt in the Field/conduct EDGE workshop on June 5 at Gowen Contaminated & Hazardous Waste Site Mgmt Course in Toronto.
INFO: http://www.contaminatedsite.com/Tuesday.htm.
Contact info@earthsoft.com to arrange a meeting with Alek.

Celebrate & Preserve the Blue Planet: Happy Earth Day & EarthSoft Day!
Thanks to EarthSoft clients & staff for 24 years! #EarthSoft

New Office Hour Videos
EDGE Back-to-Basics, “Engaging Site & Location Checklists in EDGE.”
EDGE Back-to-Basics, “Calculations and Historical Data.”
View: https://earthsoft.com/support/office-hours-videos/

Anchor QEA purchased additional EDGE Device Licenses!
Thanks for continued EQuIS support.
INFO: http://www.anchorqea.com

New Hires at EarthSoft!
lsa Greenwalt – Junior QA Analyst in UTAH
Warren Cook Global Mining Business Director in Australia!
Kegan Swensen Junior Software Developer In Utah!
Stacie Wright Software Technologist In Vermont!
David McConaughy Project Manager In Pennsylvania

EnviroInsite Academy!
3D Visualization:
Produce three-dimensional constituent plots in EnviroInsite with data from EQuIS.
Plot data that includes chemical analytical results, water quality parameters, lithology and water elevations.
Explore the many different types of three-dimensional plots in EnviroInsite
April 25, 12-1pm ET
Register: https://goo.gl/VqHk2J

EQuIS Government User Group
MAy 16, 1pm ET
Register: https://goo.gl/zM4Cpd

EarthSoft is attending the 2018 ICEDM (International Conference on Environmental Data Management)
Asbury Park, NJ, May 8-9!
Please contact sales@earthsoft.com to schedule an EQuIS discussion during the conference
Info: http://www.icedm.net/conference-agenda/

On-Demand Office Hour
EQuIS Organization and Administration
On-Demand through May 5
Register: https://goo.gl/EQXVqW

On-Demand Office Hour
Setting Up New Projects in EQuIS
On-Demand through May 5
Register: https://goo.gl/26RS2R

On-Demand Office Hour
EQuIS Online (EOL) Frequently Asked Questions
On-Demand through May 5
Register: https://goo.gl/Te9hPA

EnviroInsite Academy!
Make the Most of Downhole Data with Feature-Rich Boring Logs (Part 2)
April 18, 12-1pm ET
Register: https://goo.gl/schf7A

EarthSoft is attending the 2018 Association of California Water Agencies Spring Conference & Exhibition
Sacramento, CA, May 9.
Please contact sales@earthsoft.com to schedule an EQuIS discussion during the conference
Info: https://www.acwa.com/events/2018-acwa-spring-conference-exhibition/
#EarthSoft @ACWAWater

EQuIS & EnviroInsite Open Training
Improve EQuIS workflow management skills & learn enhanced EnviroInsite data visualization techniques
June 5-8
9:30am-6pm BST (UTC +1)

EQuIS Open Training
June 5-7
Improve your skills & techniques managing EQuIS workflows!
Register: https://goo.gl/v26jXd
1,700 Pounds per person

EQuIS EnviroInsite Open Training
Improve your skills and techniques for visualizing data in EQuIS EnviroInsite!
June 8
Register: https://goo.gl/ffdiXv
570 Pounds per person

EQuIS User Group in Waterloo, Ontario!
Limited to 30 participants
No registration fee
Share ideas, tools, custom applications
Data Management successes
Case Studies & More!
May 11, 10-3pm ET


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