Analytical Results II Report Enhancements – Nov 2017

1:27 Overview: Analytical Results II Report (2:39)
4:06 Report Publisher (5:26)
9:32 Alternate Date Formats (5:05)
14:38 Extra Selects: Simple Application (2:46)
17:23 Extra Selects: Replacement Values (2:38)
20:02 Extra Selects: Complex Application (2:37)
22:38 Demo: Extra Selects (5:17)
27:56 Additional Fields Functionality (2:37)
33:17 Individual Facilities Parameter (3:12)
30:33 Questions and Answers (4 Questions)
30:33 Q1?: Can you use multiple extra selects in one query, so you can replace qualifiers and do depths at the same time?
31:25 Q2? How do we know which tables /views are available in extra selects?
32:11 Q3? Is it possible to have more than one extra select using both the depth range and the qualifier replacement?
32:30 Q4? Which way is preferred to make the parameter changed with a report, using report publisher or with st_report_parameter table?

Analytical Results II Report Enhancements – Nov 2017 [37:06][84mb]

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