Building Advanced Action Levels – Part 5 – Mixed Action Levels – Nov 2017

1:07 Overview: Enterprise Permissions (3:24)
4:32 Permissions: Roles (:33)
5:04 Permissions: Object (1:35)
6:38 Permissions: Folder (1:31)
8:10 Scenario A: Project Manager unable to load EDDs to a facility (4:30)
12:38 Scenario B: User certificate (.usr file) is not generated when a user or Administrator changes the password (2:44)
15:22 Scenario C: Unable to view and download a certain file in Explorer Widget (6:33)
21:57 Questions and Answers
21:57 Q1? If I impersonate a user to test permissions – does that count as a log-in for that impersonated user?
23:26 Q2? Why do some modules, e.g. DQM, require the user have admin permission?
24:57 Q3? Changing permissions on roles vs. reassigning user to different role?

Explore Permissions in EQuIS Enterprise – Nov 2017 [29:00][58mb]

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