Beard heads to China this weekend as part of ESRI User Conference

October 15, 2009

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard is headed to China this weekend as part of the ESRI contingent presenting the Eighth ESRI User Conference in Beijing and Shanghai over the next week.

Beard, CEO of EarthSoft for 15 years, will present “EQuIS interfaces with ArcMap, ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst” during the conference, beginning Oct. 20. Members of the Chong Qing Environmental Protection Bureau and the Shanghai Bureau of Environmental Protection Bureau are expected to be in attendance.

Beard and the ESRI contingent will present other topics including ESRI’s future technology plans, the GIS application, and environmental protection case studies including an aquatic environment water-quality model, prediction of early-warning models and atmospheric models, as well as integrating ArcGIS with the Chong Qing Environmental Protection Bureau IT (data center construction, process management, information system construction, and more.)

In addition, they’ll discuss the application of new GIS technology in environmental protection and public safety, cloud computing, GIS in telecommunication, and ArcGIS 3D.

The conference Web site is
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EarthSoft Selects C7 Data Centers for Hosted Solutions

May 7, 2009

(Originally published by GISCafe)

SALT LAKE CITY — (BUSINESS WIRE) — May 5, 2009 — C7 Data Centers, Inc. (C7), the leading provider of colocation, virtualization, remote backup, and disaster recovery solutions in the Intermountain West, today announced that EarthSoft, Inc., developers of the most widely used environmental data management system in the world, has selected C7 for their Western U.S. hosting, storage and connectivity needs.

EarthSoft’s well-known Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) can now be hosted at C7. EQuIS is used by many government agencies, industrial property owners, hundreds of consultants, and over 400 analytical labs, around the world. EarthSoft’s EQuIS continues to evolve each year through rapid technological innovation and continuously improving client support systems.

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Using EQuIS with GIS data — Maximising Data Sharing

March 25, 2009

Presentation given to the UK EQuIS User Group, November 27, 2008.

Presented by Simon Ross of ERM.

EarthSoft Announces Collaborative Development and Marketing Agreement with QED Environmental Systems

March 18, 2009

…Real Time Data Submissions to EQuIS Clouds…

EarthSoft today announced a collaborative development and marketing agreement with QED Environmental Systems (QED). This work will automate logging and loading of well level and flow monitoring data from Retriever products directly to EQuIS 5. QED will support the EQuIS EDDs using QED wireless data collection solutions.

EarthSoft and QED see significant added benefit to both client bases with the integration of real-time, wireless data collection into EQuIS. These benefits include increased reliability, accuracy, and timeliness for this data.

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EarthSoft Announces New ESRI GIS Module and Features

September 6, 2008

…Spider Diagrams and ArcGIS Server web GIS modules…

September 26, 2008 – EarthSoft today announces several new GIS module improvements, including a new EQuIS for ArcGIS Server web GIS Enterprise module.

Spider Diagrams

EQuIS for ArcGIS can now produce “Spider Diagrams”, also called “Chem Data Boxes” — advanced labeling tools for re-arranging and re-sizing cross-tab labels driven by data queries.

Several EQuIS clients have requested Spider Diagrams in the past, stating that these quite often had to be produced by the CAD department and represented tremendous labor investments. EQuIS’s new functionality represents a big step forward in producing these advanced graphics efficiently. These Spider Diagrams are created by seamlessly integrating EnviroInsite tables with ArcMap. Further innovation will be forthcoming now that EnviroInsite is included with each EQuIS 5 Professional license.

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The Business of Brownfields: Managing Risk Using EQuIS and GIS

November 3, 2005

Presented by Mitchell Beard, CEO of EarthSoft, at the 2005 National Brownfields Conference.

Application Integration and Better Remediation Decision-Making

April 5, 2003

Electronic management of environmental data continues to become increasingly standard. An integrated data management system provides much more than just the ability to archive data electronically. Companies and government agencies worldwide are reaping the benefits of data management in a relational database integrated with improved analytical tools and enhanced visualization applications. Benefits include being able to manage data more quickly and accurately which, in turn, contributes to better decision-making and response. ESRI’s ArcGIS and EarthSoft’s EQuIS for ArcGIS represent tools in the GIS realm to support scientists in these efforts and are an excellent example of software integration which leverages the value inherent in the data. Case studies illustrate key benefits gained and efficiencies realized by application integration.

Evaluating Cleanup at Hamilton Army Airfield Using EQuIS and ArcGIS

April 5, 2003

The Sacramento District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is implementing EarthSoft’s EQuIS and ArcGIS for better management, analysis, and response to landfill remedial activities being conducted at the former Hamilton Army Airfield. This former Air Force Base is located four miles south of the city of Novato, on San Pablo Bay, in Marin County, California, and is undergoing environmental clean-up a as it is returned to civilian use.

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EPA SITE Program EQuIS Evaluation

May 9, 2002

Abstract: This project consisted of an evaluation of the Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) software designed by EarthSoft, Inc. as an environmental data management and analysis platform for monitoring and remediation projects. In consultation with the EQuIS vendor, six primary modules were tested in this evaluation. These were: Chemistry, Geology, ArcView Geographic Information System (GIS) Interface, Data Verification Module (DVM), CrossTab Report Writer, and Electronic Laboratory Data Checker (ELDC). These modules were chosen for testing because they are the most commonly used. As a part of this evaluation, a demonstration of the technology was conducted by the SITE Program at Science Applications International Corporation’s (SAIC) offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and McLean, Virginia. The purpose of the demonstration was to determine whether the software performs the functions claimed by EarthSoft, Inc. and to assess the accuracy of the EQuIS output. In addition, demonstration results and other sources of cost information were used to develop detailed cost estimates for full-scale application of the technology.

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Using EQuIS and ArcGIS for Environmental Decision Support at a Large Oil Refinery

April 5, 2002

Environmental site characterization activities at a large industrial facility can be a complex and costly endeavor. The high volume of data generated from groundwater sampling, soil sampling and other field activities is often difficult to manage. As computer technologies have advanced, new data management and data visualization tools have enabled engineers and geologists to efficiently conduct these site characterization activities. This paper will discuss the use of ArcGIS and EarthSoft’s EQuIS Chemistry and EQuIS Geology databases as tools for the management and visualization of environmental data at a large oil refinery.

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