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What is EQuIS for ArcGIS?

EarthSoft’s EQuIS for ArcGIS, an extension for the ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo 9.2 or later desktop applications, allows users to query, report, and map the data managed in EQuIS. EQuIS for ArcGIS is ideal for displaying and effectively communicating project information. EQuIS for ArcGIS supports the ArcMap Style gallery by providing a customizable EarthSoft style gallery, which is used when creating any of its automated map features, such as sample locations, color ramps, scale bars, etc.

The EQuIS for ArcGIS extension integrates the leading environmental software packages for specialized tasks. For example, contours created using EQuIS for ArcGIS and Surfer are brought back into the GIS, where they can be used in further analyses with output from other non-GIS applications, such as RockWorks for geologic cross-sections.

Analytical data may be queried, and presented in several ways, including crosstab summary format. Using the Chemical Layer Builder, the selection is defined using a specific media (e.g. water, soil, or soil gas). When dealing with a single event (or sample points sampled only once) the data may either be shown for each sample location using a symbol indicating relative concentration, e.g. red concentric circles with white outlines at the midpoint of each sample. Using the standard ArcMap info tool, all available data (or the desired subset) for individual sample points can be browsed.

With EQuIS EZView integrated into the GIS, reporting and time-series plots are offered for a variety of scenarios such as plotting concentration vs. time. Integration with both LogPlot and gINT software allows for the display of monitoring well completion diagrams and creation of boring logs on the fly, all from within the GIS.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS system makes cost-effective environmental data management and analysis a reality for many organizations. In addition to the desktop version of EQuIS, the high-end EQuIS Enterprise, based on SQL Server/Oracle data platform, allows regional/nationwide access to data over the Web.

Why should I invest in this solution?

  • EQuIS enforces data quality. Labs frequently make poor quality electronic deliverables.
  • EQuIS assures consistency between many labs and consultants.
  • EQuIS provides electronic cradle-to-grave environmental data management.
  • EQuIS enhances data usability.
  • The EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is a standard checking tool, enforcing data quality standards for the lab and consultant. EDP has already been purchased by all large analytical environmental labs.
  • EQuIS is supported by leading vendors. Our software is used by several states and the U.S. EPA, with an installed base of nearly 1,000 systems.
  • EQuIS supports open systems. We will license clients the data model.

What does this solution provide?

The client who needs EQuIS is currently losing time and money because of the poor data quality provided by lab contractors and poor data consistency from consultant to consultant and lab to lab. The prospect for EQuIS is facing the challenge of using historical data. For example, he is trying to make sense of and draw conclusions from the last ten years of data. The prospect is having to enter the same data over and over to format for different analysis tools and models.

Most consultants and property owners are plagued by the poor data quality in lab deliverables, such that much of the data gets disqualified and is useless. Even with good data, the data must be reentered or reformatted in order to make use of it in analytical programs, in either report or graphical formats. EQuIS provides a proven method to clean up the chemistry early in the process before the bad data has a chance to propagate through and corrupt the analysis process. It also allows for the automatic production of many of the common reports and charts and graphics required by environmental professionals. Significant advantages can be realized by improving both the data quality and the data usability. An order-of-magnitude productivity increase has been documented by a couple of our major clients.

What is the target market?

Environmental project managers, owners or regulators of contaminated property, site assessors, risk assessors, environmental regulatory agencies.

Tell me about the ESRI technology platform.

We encapsulate our data warehouse with ArcView/ArcGIS to create a Geographical GUI, or a Geo GUI. This offers an intuitive interface for the user to select the data as input to specialized geochemical graphics such as boring logs, cross sections, and statistics.

What is the value-added functionality?

  • Groundwater Modeling : EQuIS links GIS with GMS, other systems
  • Subsurface Visualization: EQuIS links GIS with EVS, RockWorks, others
  • Data Query: EQuIS facilitates querying, reporting, and viewing any environmental data from within GIS

What questions would I ask to qualify a prospect?

Question: Do you have a problem with analytical data quality?

Significance: Many times the electronic deliverables are so poor that the property owner has to pay yet another consultant to ‘clean up’ or remediate the remediation data!

Question: Do you have multiple consultants giving you data in various formats?

Significance: A property owner, like an IBM or a Kodak, will get data in AutoCAD, FoxPro, Paradox, DBase, Access, Excel, etc. There is usually no consistency between consultants.

Question: Do you have to re-enter the data?

Significance: EQuIS give you a single data warehouse where data only have to be entered once.

What is the price?

See our price list for complete pricing.

What are the system requirements?

EQuIS runs on any Windows-based operating system from the latest Windows XP and Windows Server 2008.

ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 10 are fundamentally different and have different system requirements.

Read more about ArcGIS 9.3 system requirements.

Read more about ArcGIS 10 system requirements.

ArcGIS may have more stringent system requirements. See the ESRI Support Center for more information.

What other software programs are required or optional?

To take advantage of the core data management, analysis, and reporting features only ArcGIS and EQuIS are required. (3D Analyst is required for any 3D subsurface modeling using EQuIS for ArcGIS.) However, EQuIS harnesses your investment in third-party commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. The full realization of capabilities is seen by integrating EQuIS, ArcGIS and any of these applications, including LogPlot, gINT, RockWorks, Surfer, EVS, and others.

What about training, implementation, or customization?

We provide on-site training in all facets of environmental data management, including EQuIS for ArcGIS. Additionally, we offer ArcGIS-only customization and programming services.

We offer extensive services for historical data loading, training, designing EDDs, getting the labs on-line, etc. Several times clients have spent X on licenses of our software, and then spent 10X on resolving issues with the historical data. We re-engineer the process for future data collections and management, but for past data, we have to make do. Most clients want to analyze trends, which requires some massaging of past data collection events.

How many licenses have been sold worldwide? What countries?

Over 2,000 systems have been sold worldwide, including the following countries:


Australia Barbados Belgium Brazil Canada Czech Republic
Egypt England France Germany Greece Hong Kong
India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan
Korea Kuwait Mexico Portugal Scotland Singapore
South Africa Thailand The Netherlands UAE UK USA
Vietnam Wales

See Our Client Page for a list of customers.



EQuIS for ArcGIS Flythrough

This is a 3D Analyst subsurface “fly through” of an environmental site. Boreholes and wells are rendered with actual geologic patterns and true-to-life well screen graphics. Geophysical data is shown adjacent to boreholes. Geologic cross-sections, created using RockWorks, are displayed as multi-colored panels in three dimensions. A chemical plume created in EVS is shown with groundwater contours and flow direction arrows.

3D Multipatch Flythrough

This is a subsurface “fly through” down the center of a borehole/well that highlights the realistic geologic pattern and well screen rendering that is possible using multipatches created by EQuIS for ArcGIS. The animation is created using ESRI’s 3D Analyst extension.





EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation

View more presentations from EarthSoft.

(~5MB) General 13-slide presentation describing and demonstrating the features of EQuIS for ArcGIS. Best viewed with Powerpoint 2002.

Evaluating Cleanup at Hamilton Army Airfield Using EQuIS and ArcGISThe Sacramento District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is implementing EarthSoft’s EQuIS and ArcGIS for better management, analysis, and response to landfill remedial activities being conducted at the former Hamilton Army Airfield. This former Air Force Base is located four miles south of the city of Novato, on San Pablo Bay, in Marin County, California, and is undergoing environmental clean-up as it is returned to civilian use. With borehole, water level, and analytical data stored in EQuIS, the ArcGIS interface facilitates seamless retrieval and display of information including analytical contours, surfaces, and geology in ArcView and in 3D Analyst. Further presentation and analysis utilizes interfaces with gINT, RockWorks, Surfer and GMS. Presentation given at ESRI UC 2002 and Geospatial Technologies Conference 2002 by Scot D. Weaver.



EQuIS for ArcGIS Image Library

TCEContours-Small rw2002fences rw2002
RenderByColor ProfileTool-Buffering plumeArcMap2
Pies Multipatches menu
EQuISforArcGIS DownholeSB02 BoreholeWellscreen

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