EarthSoft’s EQuIS: Own the workflow, make better decisions!

Since 1994, EarthSoft has been developing innovative environmental database management software. EarthSoft’s EQuIS™ (Environmental Quality Information System) is the world’s most widely used software for environmental data management. With installations in more than 43 countries, EQuIS automate environmental data management for biology, geology, geotechnical, water, limnology, air quality, and other data types. EQuIS is used by many government agencies (over 25 US states, six US EPA Regions, Army Corps, Kuwait EPA, and many other government agencies), many multinational corporations and industrial property owners, over 400 consultants, and over 600 analytical laboratories around the world. With an Open Systems business model, many partners innovate on EQuIS software. EQuIS advanced automated workflow manages, analyzes and visualizes environmental data in the field, in the office and across the organization. EarthSoft innovates every year on EQuIS, and continues to grow rapidly, continuously improving support to a large and growing client base.

EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) is the industry’s most advanced data collection tool. EQuIS Professional provides “Expert System” capabilities for decision support and data analysis. EQuIS Professional manages Reference Values, Action Levels, Groups, Reports, Graphs and Graphics, and a variety of many data imports. EQuIS Enterprise web modules provide easy to use modules with workflow automation and dashboards. EQuIS uses GIS tools from Esri for unparalleled GIS-driven power, interfacing to several other commercial softwares.

EQuIS Automates Environmental Data Management WorkFlows

EarthSoft EQuIS Workflow


  • EQuIS lets you better manage environmental liabilities
  • EQuIS improves data integrity and reduces costs
  • EQuIS is on-premises or hosted, local network or cloud-based
  • EQuIS works with Oracle or SQL Server
  • Workflow Automation is supported, via Outlook, Excel, and other tools.
  • EQuIS improves your retention of your data
  • EQuIS improves project transitions for new internal and external staff
  • EQuIS lowers costs and reduces the hours to input, create, and distribute information
  • EQuIS promotes standards and consistency in data collection and reporting
  • EQuIS lets you easily monitor project progress and data from a central location
  • EQuIS increases your ability to share documents and data through web portals
  • Easily communicate with project teams
  • EQuIS improves project decisions with cold eye, management review processes
  • EQuIS lets you transition contractors more easily
  • EQuIS eliminates redundant legacy systems

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