Enterprise Dashboard Series: Part 3 – Add Contours to Map Widgets – May 2017

1:00 Prerequisites (:59)
1:59 EQuIS ArcGIS Workflow (:30)
2:22 Overview: Create Layer, Convert, Export (4:17)
6:40 Overview: Publish Layer to ArcGIS (3:01)
9:40 Overview: Add Tiled Layer to Map Widget (1:42)
11:22 Create Layer (5:01)
16:24 Convert to Contour (1:51)
18:16 Create File: Vector or Raster (2:50)
21:06 Publish Vector File to ArcGIS Online (3:55)
25:02 Copy Tiled Layer URL from ArcGIS Online (2:50)
27:51 Add Layer to Map Widget (4:09)
32:00 Additional Resources
33:10 Questions and Answers
33:10 Q1? Why you are demoing using the Geostatistical Analyst rather than the Spatial Analyst ESRI module?
33:46 Q2? Is there a data security option to share only within the organization?
35:54 Q3? Are there options if we have a date field within the vector dataset to have a time slider?
36:32 Q4? If color ramp legend is edited prior to publishing, will that be reflected in the map widget legend?
37:01 Q5? If the layer is set to default non-visible will the user still be prompted to login?

Enterprise Dashboard Series: Part 1 – Utilize HTML Widget for Dashboard Navigation [23:56][58mb]
Enterprise Dashboard Series: Part 2 – Advanced Widget & Dashboard Properties [32:12][52mb]
Enterprise Dashboard Series: Part 3 – Add Contours to Map Widgets [38:10][80mb]

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