What’s New in EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) 6.6 – Mar 2017

Review updates to the EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) version 6.6. Enhancements include changes to the Completeness and EIA Incomplete Lab Results reports, more options for location naming schema, improvements to the COC export, the EDGE Field EDD, and a fully configurable Work Summary Report.

1:40 Completeness Reports Check for Validation (3:00)
4:40 Print COC to .PDF (1:11)
5:51 Export COC to EDGE Field EDD (4:22)
10:13 Work Summary Request Fully Configurable (1:39)
11:53 Leading Zeroes Option in Location Creator (3:48)
15:42 Q1? Is there a status for “Not Yet Validated”?
17:05 Q2? Can the COC be adjusted in EDGE?
18:38 Q3? Location numbering – start at 88 and add 30, what would you use for your zero placeholder?
21:27 Q4? What is the envisioned workflow for how results are validated?
23:31 Q5? If the field collects more or less samples, will the changes be reflected in the import from EDGE?

Download What’s New in EQuIS 6.6:
What’s New in EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 [34:35]
What’s New in EQuIS Live 6.6 – New Features and Updates [21:46]
What’s New in EQuIS Professional 6.6 – New Reports and Enhancements [24:50]
What’s New in EQuIS DQM 6.6 [38:07]
What’s New in EQuIS SPM 6.6 [26:45]
What’s New in EQuIS EDGE 6.6 [25:20]

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