What’s New in EQuIS Data Qualification Module 6.6 – Feb 2017

Explore the brand-new user interface of the EQuIS Data Qualification Module (DQM) version 6.6 in this entry-level Office Hour. Review the user interface and new forms, understand
changes in the DQM workflow to allow validation events to be paused and restarted for complex efforts, and look into enhancements to the History form and new and improved checks.

:57 DQM Schema Updates (:43)
1:40 New & Improved Checks (3:41)
5:21 New Workflow (10:52)
16:13 DQM Qualification Report Updated for EIAs (1:22)
17:35 Overview: History Form (:51)
18:26 rt_dqm_control_limits Tab (1:13)
19:39 In Process Events (3:16)
22:56 DQM History Form (1:05)
37:35 Questions and Answers (6 Questions)
24:02 Q1? Can you select multiple field SDGs for the create event option?
25:15 Q2? Can we select all retests in a selection and review with the initial result to determine which should be reportable?
27:41 Q3? Don’t we use test_type in the unique id of a result?
29:13 Q4? What about EQuIS 7?
30:33 Q5? How about result inventory and Expected result counts vs. Actual result numbers.
34:07 Q6? Can we do a “draft” data quality evaluation?

Download What’s New in EQuIS 6.6:
What’s New in EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 [34:35]
What’s New in EQuIS Live 6.6 – New Features and Updates [21:46]
What’s New in EQuIS Professional 6.6 – New Reports and Enhancements [24:50]
What’s New in EQuIS DQM 6.6 [38:07]
What’s New in EQuIS SPM 6.6 [26:45]
What’s New in EQuIS EDGE 6.6 [25:20]

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