What’s New in EQuIS Live 6.6 – New Features and Updates – Feb 2017

Updates and features introduced in EQuIS Live version 6.6. Understand changes to EQuIS Live and learn about new Agents, Reports, Widgets and features.

1:20 EQuIS Live Connects to: (1:02)
2:22 Widget Improvements (:38)
2:58 Agent Improvements (1:12)
4:10 New EQuIS Live Agents (1:22)
5:32 New Vendor Connections (:27)
6:00 New Public Data Agents (1:16)
7:16 Demo EQuIS Live 6.6 (4:37)
11:53 Demo New Agents (2:24)
14:21 Q1? Where does Environment Canada data get stored in the database?
14:56 Q2? Can user turn on/off data gaps feature in widget or widget editor?
15:43 Q3? Can data grabbed from a provider be used to correct\compensate logger data automatically?
18:14 Q4? Is there a list of new public data sources available somewhere?
18:43 Q5? When does the data reducer actually reduce the data?

Download What’s New in EQuIS 6.6:
What’s New in EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 [34:35]
What’s New in EQuIS Live 6.6 – New Features and Updates [21:46]
What’s New in EQuIS Professional 6.6 – New Reports and Enhancements [24:50]
What’s New in EQuIS DQM 6.6 [38:07]
What’s New in EQuIS SPM 6.6 [26:45]
What’s New in EQuIS EDGE 6.6 [25:20]

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