What’s New in EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 – New Features and Enhancements – Feb 2017

EarthSoft Office Hours video of new features and enhancements for EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 release.

4:00 Legend: Traffic Light Widgets (:35)
4:35 Histogram (2:00)
6:35 Symbology Options: Map Widgets (1:38)
8:14 Custom Info Templates: Map Widgets (2:30)
13:04 Location Clusters: Map Widgets (1:28)
15:59 Layers: Map Widgets (3:06)
18:42 Inverted Axis (:50)
19:32 New Widgets: RDL Report Viewer (3:06)
22:39 New Widgets: Drilldown Widget (3:40)
28:48 New Filter Functionality (4:40)
34:01 Questions and Answers (7 Questions)
10:44 Q1? Custom Info Template, where it is documented?
11:01 Q2? Do location linked files (photos) still appear when using Custom Info Template, or do they have to be added as part of HTML?
14:32 Q3? Location Clusters: what’s the distance unit?
18:07 Q4? Possible to get REST or SOAP endpoints for these layers for use in other applications?
26:19 Q5? Do you have to apply more than one Drilldown layer in editor?
26:53 Q6? Where can I get the release notes for 6.6 without installing it?
28:19 Q7? What if I click at the three lines in the right upper corner of the drill down widget?

Download What’s New in EQuIS 6.6:
What’s New in EQuIS Enterprise 6.6 [34:35]
What’s New in EQuIS Live 6.6 – New Features and Updates [21:46]
What’s New in EQuIS Professional 6.6 – New Reports and Enhancements [24:50]
What’s New in EQuIS DQM 6.6 [38:07]
What’s New in EQuIS SPM 6.6 [26:45]
What’s New in EQuIS EDGE 6.6 [25:20]

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