Presented by Kevin Wilson, Waste and Environmental Hydrogeology Manager, CEMEX UK. Learn how CEMEX is using EQuIS Live at various landfill sites for real-time monitoring of remote flow meters, pump monitoring, gas and water levels, and much more.

:55 Introduction to Cemex (:42)
1:38 Closed Landfill Liability (3:03)
4:41 EQuIS Live – Gas Monitoring (6:19)
11:01 EQuIS Live – Level Monitoring (5:19)
16:20 EQuIS Live – Flow Meters (5:09)
21:31 EQuIS Live – Pump Monitoring (12:30)
34:02 Data Agents (2:36)

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: Applications of EQuIS Live at Landfills – presented by Cemex – August 2016

[length 37:06] [77MB]

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