EarthSoft has released EQuIS Live version 6.5. Collect, Manage & Utilize data logger data and other real-time, time-series in EQuIS Live and EQuIS Enterprise. This entry-level Office Hour video, we review many new features and improvements in EQuIS Live.

00:31 What’s New in EQuIS Live v6.5 (2:59)
03:32 What’s Improved in EQuIS Live v6.5 (1:45)
05:18 What’s Next for EQuIS Live (6:09)
11:26 Wind Rose Chart Demo (1:04)
12:22 Live Chart Hardware Monitor Demo (0:25)
12:47 Historical Chart Demo (1:28)
14:16 Live Table Demo (1:25)
15:41 EQuIS Live v6.5 Resources (0:37)

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: What’s new in EQuIS Live v6.5 – April 2016

[length 17:04] [56MB]

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