Preview many of the new features in the upcoming EQuIS Professional 6.5.

01:23 Renaming the “Beta” Reports
03:23 Table Count Preview
05:44 Database vs. Professional Version Update Notice
08:59 Easily Accessible Toolbar Favorites Star
10:33 Report-Specific Pick Report Dropdown List
12:19 Analytical Results II LOC_NAME
14:16 Version-Specific Documentation
15:55 Login Performance and Improvements
18:27 Toggle NOTES Column Button
19:49 DQM Qualification Report Improvements
24:42 Q1? Will a schema update be required for the database to use the new 6.5 software?
25:10 Q2? The EQuIS App update notice is for the future when we upgrade to 6.6 or something?
26:41 Q3? Will Action Level Exceedance II loc_name come from dt_location in 6.5?
26:55 Q4? How are you defining “local” vs. “remote” for the performance improvements?
27:34 Q5? Are the former Beta Reports faster in 6.5 than in 6.4?
28:43 Q6? Will the Analytical Results II report be able to show text only (result_text) results again?
30:10 Q7? Any projected 6.5 release date yet?
30:30 Q8? Will the Analytical Results II report still include vw_location in its query?
31:07 Q9? Do the new reports include units conversion functionality for all numeric fields, not just the result plus the chosen detection limit?
31:40 Q10? Will (Beta) User Reports saved in 6.4.1 still run after the update to 6.5?
32:34 Q11? Does the new Analytical Results II report default to the PRIMARY coordinates if the VW_LOCATION doesn’t allow you to specify which coordinates to use?
33:11 Q12? When will the Beta reports be redesigned to improve performance?

Download What’s New in EQuIS v6.5 Series:
Part 1 of 3 – EQuIS Enterprise 6.5 – March 2016 [24:48]
Part 2 of 3 – EQuIS Professional 6.5 – March 2016 [34:15]
Part 3 of 3 – EDGE 6.5 – March2016 [9:44]

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