Preview many of the new features in the upcoming EQuIS Enterprise 6.5.

00:55 Overview EQuIS Enterprise v6.5
04:32 Virtual Folders
07:04 Improved Report Parameter Editor
09:09 Context Sensitive Help Documentation
10:35 Support Request Form
12:37 Launch EQuIS Professional from Enterprise
13:38 User Impersonation
15:21 Role Deletion
16:36 Q1? Will these new virtual folders function with custom reports?
17:13 Q2? Can we send a user to point of contact within our organization before bothering EarthSoft?
18:37 Q3? Can you ctrl+shift click when selecting multiple report parameters?
18:59 Q4? Can anyone delete a role, or just people with certain permissions?
19:23 Q5? Can we just disable a role instead of deleting it?
20:00 Q6? Performance parity across the current set of web browsers with 6.5 (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE 11)?
20:54 Q7? Consideration for providing some kind of feedback to the user when the system is working on something?
22:05 Q8? Does Impersonate User work when the admin and/or the target user are logging in via Windows Authentication?
22:28 Q9? Is there functionality for the administrator to forward the help request on to EarthSoft?
22:44 Q10? The new folders grouping by Facility, by User, and by System Report also viewable in EQuIS Professional?
22:59 Q11? Can you restrict certain Admins?

Download What’s New in EQuIS v6.5 Series:
Part 1 of 3 – EQuIS Enterprise 6.5 – March 2016 [24:48]
Part 2 of 3 – EQuIS Professional 6.5 – March 2016 [34:15]
Part 3 of 3 – EDGE 6.5 – March 2016 [9:44]

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