Part 2
Overview of new features in the next EDGE 6.5 release including; home tab, form menu, location map chooser, attachments and configuration options.
00:52 EDGE Devices
01:23 Data Loggers
01:46 Import Data Process
02:11 Raw Data from Device
02:31 Demo: Devices
05:57 Q1? How does the data get associated with locations?
06:37 Q2? How does the data logger know which location it is dealing with?
07:05 Q3? What is the association with the Live data and the logger series?
07:53 Q4? Does the EDGE format automatically map data from the logger tab to DT_FIELD_RESULTS, or is other mapping needed?
09:06 Q5? Can EDGE Live data mapping be setup automatically?
09:39 Q6? YSI Loggers
10:14 Q7? Can EDGE calculate on-the-spot averages or calculations?
10:34 Q8? Does EDGE have worksheets for loggers?
11:25 Q9? Can multiple files be imported at the same time, or is it one file per EDD?

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Part 3 of 5 – Connecting Data Loggers and Other Devices with EDGE – Jan 2016 [12:17]
Part 4 of 5 – EDGE Configuration Tool – Jan 2016 [16:10]
Part 5 of 5 – Linking EDGE with EDP – Open EDDs with EDP directly within EDGE – Feb 2016 [24:08]

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