Part 1
Customize EDGE forms for field data collection and field data submittals.
EDGE is a comprehensive collection of integrated environmental field tools ensuring accurate and complete data collection, using modern software and mobile computing technologies.
00:53 Overview Types of Forms
01:28 Overview Add or Remove Forms
03:00 Overview Add Logos to Forms
04:14 DEMO Add or Remove Forms
05:50 DEMO Renaming Forms
06:50 DEMO Add Sections & Fields
17:31 Overview Health & Safety Form
23:29 Overview Water Level Form
24:35 Q1? Can you reorder Location Info, Sample, etc. on the overall form?
25:32 Q2? Does renamed forms, fields, etc. appear in EDGE Lite?
25:49 Q3? Does the signature get saved in the EDD?
27:06 Q4? What does “(N)” mean in the Analytes form portion on the Field Results?
27:51 Q5? Will forms(s) adjust for portrait or landscape orientation?
28:26 Q6? Can a form be exported for use with a second EDGE user?
29:13 Q7? What of a water level form where multiple locations are included vs. one form per location?
29:47 Q8? How do you get the date to automatically populate?
30:53 Q9? Is there a means of altering the sample id schema?

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Part 3 of 5 – Connecting Data Loggers and Other Devices with EDGE – Jan 2016 [12:17]
Part 4 of 5 – EDGE Configuration Tool – Jan 2016 [16:10]
Part 5 of 5 – Linking EDGE with EDP – Open EDDs with EDP directly within EDGE – Feb 2016 [24:08]

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