Integrate SPM/DQM with EQuIS Professional and the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) to extend the environmental sample data management workflow.
Plan sampling events, improve communications & check the completeness of scheduled analyses with the EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM).
Verify/Qualify/Validate data with the EQuIS Data Qualification Module (DQM).

00:39 EQuIS Workflow
01:25 License Requirements – SPM & DQM
01:43 SPM Workflow
04:08 Requirements for Accessing SPM
08:05 Sample Receipt Notification – SRN
13:45 Completeness Reports
21:09 Data Qualification Module – DQM
22:34 Requirements for Accessing DQM
27:43 DQM Checks
36:03 Q1? Can user see the logic (code) behind the DQM checks?
36:42 Q2? Any plans on using SPM/DQM within Enterprise?
37:44 Q3? Can DQM Checks be customized?
38:42 Q4? After running a DQM report, where are the resulting qualifiers data stored?
40:27 Q5? Clarify EQuIS Professional and SPM location tables?

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: Manage Project Quality and Completeness with EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) and EQuIS Data Qualification Module (DQM) -Dec2015

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